Music Mixer

Music Mixer 5.0

Record the instruments individually, then arrange recordings into a song

Record instruments, choose the proper looping sequence, adjust the tempo and add a variety of effects to create your own songs.

Music Mixer is a powerful and versatile recording and mixing software for musicians with a variety of features. Recording a number of tracks from different instruments and then laying them down as a song with proper looping and adjustable tempos is simple enough with this software. A variety of effects (echo, tremolo, reverb, phases, and equalizer) which can be edited to the user’s taste facilitates a proper enriched sound. The visual interface is a big help in structuring a musical creation and for altering the number of loops and their lengths in each track and then mixing all tracks with proper effects to combine into a single audio file. All common audio formats can be worked with this software and can be easily converted to wave format.
Recording can be done from any input source like microphone and music instruments connected to the system and also from CDs and DVDs. Laying down tracks from a large number of instruments and saving them for alterations and minor mixing adjustments at any point is easy with this software. Recording of your favorite songs and adding your own tracks to them from cassettes and vinyl discs can also be done with this software.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy interface makes it so easy for normal users
  • All common music file is accepted as input
  • Recording can be done from many input sources
  • Visual editing is so easy with this software


  • No enough choice for output format of file
  • Not supported by other then windows operating system
  • System requirement is very high
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